Please come see us at:
2301 N. 3rd Abilene, Texas 79603
Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 12 - 3 pm
Call us at: (325) 672-7124

Pet grooming by appointment
(325) 333-8832
Grooming hours 8am - 5pm Mon - Fri

To view the available animals, please
click on the Adopting button to the left.

We need your help:
Veterinary cost on spays and neuters have risen sharply. Taylor Jones Humane Society has continued to keep the cost down as little as possible to the public. As an example a $35 cost to the public for a cat neuter cost us $54 to $72. Please help by making a donation. Please click here to donate or learn more. Thanks

Found Pet Policy:
There has been questions on our policy when a cat or dog is found and brought here. Please read our Found pets policy.

For a recent update on our Spay Neuter program, see the new poster on The Events Page. Also read our History page.

Thank You to everyone who came to our 2017 Bark in the Park, it went very well this year See Events Page

Please read this Touching Letter we received in August 2016 from someone who adopted over a decade ago.

The Dyess A.F.B. Leadership School Class 16E helped us with an annual cleaning Please see our Events page for details.

The Dyess We Care Team held a fund raiser for the Taylor Jones Humane Society Please see our Events page for details.

We could really use a volunteer that could come in any where around noon to 2 pm to let the dogs out. If anyone is interested please contact Diane Whitaker at 333-8832. It doesn't have to be every day, just when you can.

We could also use help transporting animals to and from the vet. This isn't often, so if you live close and can help contact Diane Whitaker 333-8832

Dallas is another long time resident here. He is a good dog, but doesn't get along with some other dogs very well. He is better suited as a only pet for a family. He is protective of the people he is used of being with. There have been some puppies he has done well with, but none that's assertive. Someone please consider giving Dallas a good home. You can also contact Diane Whitaker 333-8832 or call the office if you want someone here to go in the yard with you and Dallas for introductions.

Some recent pets with new families

Precious and Fluffy
with new family
For more please see New Families Page

Thanks to all who bought items in our FaceBook online auction for the animals.

A gift from the Gil and Holly DeShazo Charitable Fund at the Community Foundation of Abilene was most appreciated.

The Kenley school children
Made a
Christmas for Animals donation
See Events page

On Friday October 2nd 2015
The 3rd grade Classes at
Bonham elementary school
made donations
See Events page for more.

Thank You Big Country Vets
for your recent support with the
injured dog we had.

The students at Taylor Elementary School made a donation
to the Taylor Jones Humane Society on 5-1-2015. Please see our
Events page for more.

Thank you to everyone who participated, donated
and adopted during our Holiday season events.

Please see our Events page.

Our 11th Annual Bark in the Park September 20th 2014
turned out great. Thanks to all who came out and had
fun, and to all who donated.
Please see our
Events Page for photos.

Thanks to the
Food Bank of West Central Texas
for pet food and cat litter.

Thank you to the
Abilene Animal Shelter for the donation
of pet food and cat litter.

A 2016 "Grant from the Pat Meleen Vaughn Fund for Humane Treatment of Animals at the Community Foundation of Abilene" was greatly appreciated.

The weekend of July12th and 19th 2014
Jimmy Gammon worked on his Eagle Scout
project at the Taylor Jones Humane Society

Please see the Events page for more detail
and more photos of the project.

On May 30th 2014 the Bonham 3rd grade class presented a check to
the Taylor Jones Humane Society.
For more please see our EVENTS page.

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Here are some wishlist items that we need on a regular basis:

- Purina dog/cat chow, Purina small bites and purina puppy/kitten chow
- Heart worm products, flea prevention products
- Bathroom paper products and paper towels
- Cleaners, liquid washing detergent, dish soap, liquid hand soap
- Towels and wash cloths
- Bottled water for our volunteers

Some other needed items are:

- Pet beds
- Toys for the animals
- Pantry closet to store towels
- Help replacing front steps to make them safe

Meet our new mascot:


A 2012 "Gift from the Pat Meleen Vaughn Fund for Humane Treatment of Animals at the Community Foundation of Abilene" was greatly appreciated.

This FREE pharmacy discount card will give TJHS a donation everytime someone uses it. Go to: for more info & to print your free pharmacy discount card.

Asbestos fibers pose a significant health threat to both pets and their owners.
Click hereto learn more about it.

Looking for an apartment that accepts pets?
Click hereto find listings all over the U.S.

Click the button above to learn more about Cars 4 Causes.
"The charity that gives to charities".

Here's a good, free book about adopting a shelter dog:
Adopting a Shelter Dog-The First Seven Days

Donate to TJHS simply by switching the search engine you use! Go to: then under "Who do you GoodSearch for?", do a search for Taylor & find Taylor Jones Humane Society & click it. Now make this your homepage & do all your web searches from here. Each time you do a search, it makes a donation to TJHS!

We are a total non-profit, volunteer organization.
All donations go directly to the care of our
animals and to our spay/neuter program.

You can make your donation using any of the following:

We are in great need of towels/rugs/mats for the animals to lay on. We have to wash/bleach them often, so they wear out very quickly. Please bring donations to our office. Thanks!

Please come see us today at:

2301 N. 3rd Abilene, Texas 79603.
Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 12 - 3 pm

Call us at: (325) 672-7124

Our meetings are on the third Monday of each month at
the Humane Society office, 2301 N. 3rd at 7:00 pm.

Please take this button to link to our page:
Right click the image and save as tjhslogo2_sm.jpg.
Then include in your page like this:
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Without the quotes.

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